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We rarely think about the thousands of parts inside of our vehicles, the pieces that help them run smoothly and keep our busy lives moving along - going to and from work, picking up the kids or running errands - until something goes wrong. Whether from natural wear and tear or an accident, when you need to replace something inside of your car, this leaves you with the unappealing options of trying to hunt down the part yourself, or leaving your vehicle at the dealership for days as they wait for the part to arrive.

Mid-Island Auto Wreckers proudly stocks thousands of parts for all of the major vehicle manufacturers and our expert staff of parts specialists will not only ensure that you find the right part, but that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg just to get back on the road. Best of all, we can provide you with detailed instruction on replacing the part yourself. Understandably, many people are intimidated by their vehicles, but there is no reason.

Let Mid-Island Auto Wreckers show you how to understand your vehicle better. From batteries to spark plugs, mufflers to pistons, Mid-Island Auto Wreckers has the best selection of new and used auto parts in the nationwide area!

Call Mid-Island Auto Wreckers today for your vehicle's needs - we are here to help you get back on the road!


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·         Large Selection Of Car, Van And Truck Parts

·         New Parts/Used Parts

·         90 Day Warranty on Parts

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